Dates: Friday, February 21st - Saturday, February 22nd

Theme: Gospel Truths

As we equip our people for evangelism in the 21st century, nearly every core element of the gospel is either foreign to or under attack from our culture.

This year we want to equip leaders with a firm biblical basis for the core doctrines of the gospel and to make a good defense of them to a post-Christian culture.

We are going to examine six core truths of the gospel: Creation, Sin, Judgment, Atonement, Resurrection and Repentance. Bruce Ware and Andy Snider will provide a biblical and theological basis for each of the component doctrines as well as a defense to the most common attacks on those doctrines.

Guest Speakers: Dr. Bruce Ware and Dr. Andy Snider

Conference Host: Dr. Dan Jarms

Dan has served as Teaching Pastor and Team Leader at FBC since 2004. He received his Master of Divinity from The Master’s Seminary and completed his doctorate of preaching in May 2011. He leads the elder and staff team along with regular preaching and teaching responsibilities. He has been married to Linda since 1990 and they have three children and a daughter-in-law.

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