Audio from Aspire 2014

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Aspire 2014

General Sessions

Creator and King | Andy Snider download

Sin | Bruce Ware download

Judgement | Andy Snider download

Jesus Christ | Bruce Ware download

Resurrection | Bruce Ware download

Repentance | Andy Snider download

Question and Answer | Bruce Ware and Andy Snider download

Helping Youth Embrace God's Gospel Mission | Corey Millican download

Wikipedia Apologetics: 5 Historical Confirmations of the Gospel | Dan Jarms download

Entrust These Things to Faithful Men: How to Train Young Men for the Next Generation of Ministry | Jerod Gilcher download

Aspire 2013

General Sessions

A Clarion Call to Worldly Christianity Part 1 | Art Azurdia download

A Clarion Call to Worldly Christianity Part 2 | Art Azurdia download

A Clarion Call to Worldly Christianity Part 3 | Art Azurdia download

Our Sympathetic Resonance (Sunday Service) | Art Azurdia download


Mobilizing the Church for Evangelism | Dave Nelson download

Pastors and Personal Evanglism | Dan Jarms download

Welcoming the Stranger, Involving Your Church in Immigrant Ministry | Mark Kadel download

The Divine Design of Deacons and their Role in the Advancement of the Gospel | Jerod Gilcher download

Biblical Counseling: A Golden Opportunity for Evangelism | Paul Peabody download

Portraying the Gospel in Corporate Worship | Brad Pearson download

Gospel Examples: The Call of Church Leadership | John Smith download

Building a Biblical Counseling Ministry in Your Church | Earl Dannen, Fred Williams download

Gospeling from all of Scripture | Carey Hughes download

Helpful Administration: Freeing Pastors and Leaders for Gospel Ministry | Jess Colvin download

Women's Ministry Essentials | Vickie Grewe, Trudy Konzal, Jenni Rainbow download

Worship Music in the Small Church | Brad Pearson download

Equipping Women for Evangelism | Kelli Dionne download

Aspire 2012

God Enthralled Ministry Part 1 | Steve Lawson download

God Enthralled Ministry Part 2 | Steve Lawson download

God Enthralled Ministry Part 3 | Steve Lawson download

How People Really Grow | Dan Jarms download

Valley of Vision | Dan Jarms download

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